How My Instagram Kept Growing While I Was Inactive

We know we need to keep growing our social networks to drive traffic to our website and make sales. This is the funnel we have adopted as the technology has advanced- but it’s tiring when you start out! All that growth takes time and effort. You know how to do it- but that doesn’t mean you have the time or energy to! So what is going to sustain you through those times where you simply can’t stand to even look at Instagram?

I’ll give you an insider view of how I reached a new Instagram follower milestone after not posting to Instagram OR stories in days!

 Beginning of the week: 720 followers on Instagram

End of the week:  800 followers on Instagram (and it’s still growing!)

What made my Instagram, that was being so inconsistently updated, so appealing to these 80 new followers?  

1. The Content 

The messages I had been putting out in my old posts were still as true today as the week I posted them. Having evergreen content that is engaging, thoughtful, and honest will keep you interesting to your followers old and new! Plus, if your feed is looking good, people will have no problem waiting to see what you come up with next! What is good evergreen content? Inspiring quotes, introducing yourself, giving your why, a client success story, a good joke... lots of things can be shared at any time. Plus, a good stock photo never goes out of style. Check out my favourite collection of stock photo sites here!

2. The Branding

Within my content, I made it very clear who I am, what I do, and why I am a valuable person to follow. That means that when people stumble across my feed they can quickly assess whether they want to follow me or not- and through my branding I make that decision very clear either way. I would rather someone know off the bat that we’re not a match than get annoyed by what I post! It’s best to let everyone know exactly who you are and what you do openly and honestly- it will make your followers that much more meaningful and right for you too! The way I do it is by talking about myself about once a week (it’s hard to start but you’ll get used to it!) and sharing things that I truly believe- I don’t fake it to try and get followers  that’s a recipe for a bad relationship with social media!

3. The Hashtags 

Hashtags are the reason that people found my content in the first place! My content and branding could be on point but it means nothing if people can’t find it.

The two places that hashtags matter most are in your bio and on your posts! Whether you put your hashtags in the comment or on the post itself, the same guidelines will apply.

If you want to know everything I have to say about hashtags, head on over here to get the ultimate hashtag guide, How To Use Hashtags to Reach Your Ideal Audience! 

I hope you feel prepared to take on Instagram now! But just FYI- a lot of this has also worked for my Pinterest account!  If you want some more social media hacks then get in touch. You can book an appointment with me right here on my blog! Just hit the Get Started button. Talk to you soon!