My 10+ Favourite Apps for iPhone

In my business, I am constantly on my phone. But I work every day to use it LESS and to automate a lot more of what I do! In this post I am going over the apps that I love, but I’m trying to avoid the obvious apps that I use for my business (namely all those social medias!)



I come across a lot of amazing articles when I am checking in on my accounts, but often don’t have time to read them through at the moment. So using the pocket app allows me to save articles to read for later. When I am ready to do my content curation for the accounts I manage, I have a huge wealth of articles that I already know interest me on a variety of topics. I can also use features to sort the articles to easily find something specific once I know I’ve saved it.


Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

I am a huge Harry Potter lover, and I love gaming. So a Harry Potter 3D game for my phone is perfect for me without an analysis, but here is the other part that I love, though some people might not agree. The game is structured in a way that you can’t play it continuously- it’s hard to sit there and play for hours because you run out of energy in-game quite quickly. So I can get my gaming fix without losing hours and not even noticing!



I know I said I was avoiding the social media apps, but I have to mention this one because of the app itself. It’s so pretty and easy to use, and I genuinely enjoy opening it and exploring the world through photos. Also the icon is gorgeous and I feel more professional just by looking at it.

elevate logo.png


I use this app every single day to practice essential skills for reading, writing, and math. Math is the one I need the most help in for sure, but I love games like I said so I am learning really well this way! It’s a really fun way for me to check in with my copywriting skills and push myself to improve.

snapseed logo.png


Whenever I need to resize a photo or crop, I always use Snapseed. It has a ton of other features as well, but the crop feature is definitely the most appealing to me!



I create almost everything I put out using Canva. I mostly create on desktop, but once I have made a template it shows up on my phone and I can use it again and again and edit really quickly. That is definitely my favourite part, and it’s especially useful for quote templates!



Now this app I don’t like as an interface AT ALL. I find it confusing and unattractive. But what I love is the communities that I have been introduced to through Meetup. As an expat it can be super difficult to meet new people. Meetup helps me find like minded groups and business opportunities, and I am so grateful for the real life friends it has led me to!

leetags logo.png


I found this app really helpful when I knew who my target audience was but didn’t know where they were hanging out. Leetags suggests hashtags to use on Instagram and Twitter based on hashtags you enter. And you can copy/paste your selections directly into your posts! Efficiency embodied!


All the Google Apps

I use Gmail and Google Drive constantly to share and create the essential information that I use for my business. I just wish there was more storage space on Google Drive!



I love to schedule posts in advance, and sometimes I need to do it on the go! Having Hootsuite in the palm of my hand is the best way to get my planning done!



Shapr is like Tinder but for business! I have met some wonderful people through the app, and they are constantly making improvements to make the experience safer and more fun. It can take a while to find the type of people you want to meet with, but once you do, it’s a very valuable tool.

Least Favourite that I can’t live without:


Facebook Pages App

This app helps me to manage all the pages I help to run- but man does it run poorly! Notifications appear and disappear totally at random and can’t be cleared, and you can’t interact with everything that the app shows you- like when your page is tagged in a post, you can’t comment or like it as your page.

Am I missing a big one? I am looking forward to upgrading my phone soon so I can add even more tools to my toolbox!

What’s your favourite app of all time?