Social Media Goals You Can Set Today

One of the biggest problems I see in social media accounts from small businesses is that they clearly have no objective. There is no end point or goal that the post or profile is striving towards! You may think the goal is always to make a sale, but this is not always the case! Here are some great social media goals that you can work on today:

Get More Followers

Having more followers will increase several things for you:

·         Your reputation as a trusted authority in your market

·         Your reach (how many people see your posts)

·         Your engagement (the likes, favourites, comments, shares, or retweets on your posts)

Increase in these three things feeds from one to the other- the more you are seen as a trusted authority, the more people will interact with your posts, and the more people will see them. All good things! And it starts with getting that initial like or follow. Don’t let my sub-header fool you: “Get More Followers” is not a concrete goal. You have to be more specific than that. Set a number. “Get 20 more followers” “Get to 500 followers”, etc. From there, you can break down how you’re going to do it. Invite your friends to like the profile, send an e-mail, run an ad campaign? All should be planned!

Get More Engagement

Engagement begets engagement. Most social media are now driven by algorithms, that will promote posts more the more popular they are. That’s not to say you should be writing with the aim to go viral every time. Look at which posts you already have more engagement on, and look for common themes. Do they all have the same hashtag? Are they all photos or videos? Use this data to create your goal, be it “share two photos a week” or “make a video about X”. Remember that engagement begets engagement- so engage with others and they just might reciprocate!

Get More Website Visits

This is another goal that needs a concrete number attached to it, be it a percentage, a target number, or a specific increase in either. Your social media channels exist to drive people to your website or sales page. See if you are doing that effectively.

And Of Course… Get More Sales

Of course you want more sales- otherwise we wouldn’t be businesses online! But what do those sales mean? Does it mean getting bums in seats, so a ticket purchase? Buying a product? Buying a coaching? How can you leverage your social media to lead to that sale? Your goal could be something like “get three people to donate this month” or “create a new freebie that promotes my product”.