Self Improvement and Self Care Can Work Together

Want and Need

My days as a freelance social media marketer and self employed artist can get pretty intense! I spend a lot of time organizing what I have to do and prioritizing what I need to do. I have to be careful that I am leaving time for myself to do things that I want to do and other things that I need to do that aren't work-related. So, for example, let's break down what I did yesterday.

  • Played games on my phone
  • Answered E-mails
  • Checked all of my accounts and cleared all notifications
  • Monitored platforms
  • Watched TV
  • Cooked a healthy meal
  • Cleaned the dishes
  • Talked to my boyfriend
  • Sent messages to friends
  • Wrote most of this blog post
  • Did a puzzle
  • Did the laundry
  • Practiced singing
  • Worked on my Visa application
  • Studied material from Squarespace
  • Showered

I can fit these activities into multiple categories. All the housework, for instance, is something that I need to do, but isn't work related. It also relates to self care; Having a clean house and fresh laundry makes me feel better about everything! So let's look at those different categories.



Monitoring accounts, answering e-mails, and even writing this blog post are work related. So is clearing my notifications on all platforms, because a lot of those are from my work accounts and posts. I don't need to explain to you why it's important to get work done. I am also very lucky that I really enjoy my work, and can do most of it from home, in my pajamas!

Self Care

I mentioned that the housework was self care, but I didn't talk about how important showering and connecting with others is for my self care too! Working from home can make you feel very isolated, and being in a long distance relationship can be very difficult. Luckily my partner is an excellent support to me and when we get a chance to talk, which doesn't happen as often as either of us would like, it makes me feel a lot better. It's also important for me to remember that I have other people in my life who support me, and talking to my friends makes me feel connected to a larger community. I am an extrovert so I usually gain a lot of energy from these sorts of interactions and they can even help me get my work done!

I also do puzzles because they give me a real sense of being productive, and I find it super satisfying! It is a form of meditation for me almost, and helps to calm and quiet my mind when I feel overwhelmed. I get to sort of my own thoughts and really listen to them. I tend to watch TV and do puzzles at the same time too. Yesterday I watched a season and six episodes of Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23, and I STILL managed to have an extra productive work day, because I took care of myself!


Relevant quote from Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23!

I also played games on my phone, but that bleeds in to...

Self Improvement

When I say self improvement, I mean doing anything that makes you a happier, more productive, more confident, more content person. Something that improves your life in a way that makes YOU happy- not necessarily work related. So for me, when I'm practicing self care by showering, I take the opportunity to practice self improvement by practicing my singing! I do mean practice, as I will choose things to work on and set different goals for different days as well as singing whatever makes me happy in the moment! I also do things like play games on my phone to help me learn stuff. I just downloaded the Tiny Cards app and I love it! You can learn pretty much whatever you want and it's a like a game so I find it really fun! I am currently also obsessed with Disney Emoji Blitz... but that one is just for me!

That's also where the Squarespace studying came in. Sure it wasn't directly work related, but it could help me land or nail jobs in the future and help me to better assist my existing clients as well! 

Even cooking myself a healthy meal is part of my self improvement and self care intersection, because I am improving my body and my habits by putting healthy things in it!

So you see, there are lots of opportunities for crossover from self care to self improvement. If you keep implementing those things, your work life will just get that much more productive! 

Have a great weekend, everyone! I'm off to open a play!