Required Skills of Being Your Own Boss

Not so long ago, I decided to just live how I wanted to live and stop worrying about things like money. Pretty terrifying, right? I recognized my need to be independent. I don't want to depend on other people to give me jobs or money. I want to be the centre of my own story; the self-rescuing Princess. I realized that I would need these three skills to make sure this worked out for me.

 1. Time Management

2. Discipline

3. Communication

For me, time management means keeping track of what I have going on. I tend to make lists everywhere, and I mean everywhere. On my phone, in my Passion Planner, on a calendar on my wall, on two separate whiteboards, etc. Then I prioritize and get realistic about how much time something will take me. I also schedule time when I do things that are just for me, like when I read, write, or watch a movie. Because I work from home, if I have it clear in my head how many hours of work need to be done that day, I can usually make it work if my boyfriend wants to go out spontaneously or if that play I want to see only has tickets left for tonight.

Discipline is knowing when I need a break and knowing when I am being indulgent. Do I need to watch an entire season of TV today? Rarely is that answer yes. But, do I maybe need to change pace for half an hour and come back to the task at hand? Sometimes I definitely do! My discipline is knowing that I need to cross one thing off my to do list every single day, and normally once you've done one, you want to do another.

Communication is extremely important on a number of levels. For one, any clients you might have need to be able to understand what you're doing, why, how long it will take, etc. Working from home means you have to be able to write clear and concise e-mails and keep on top of people (including yourself!). You also want to allow your true personality to come through your work and connections to your clients. Then they will get a good sense of what working with you can be like in the most positive way and can recommend you to others!

If you work from home, or want to, I would love to chat with you about what it's like and what you'll need. Leave me a comment below and let's get the discussion going!