Why Those Words?

When I decided to launch my business, I wanted to be able to sum it up in less than five words. I wanted to have these words to look back on to remind myself why my work with social media gets me excited to go to work. I figured it might help if I shared the words with you too, so you could understand what my goals are and what I will bring in my work.


Social media is a fun place. No, really! It can seem scary or angry, but your business should be bringing the fun. Running a business is stressful in itself, you shouldn’t be stressed about your social media profiles too! They should be an enjoyable way to share your passion with the world. Plus, if you can’t make it fun for you, you can definitely hire that service out and save yourself the stress! But you’ll have to know enough about social media to know who to hire and what you want them to do!


Social media should be for everyone. Even if you’re speaking to a niche market, that niche can still be inclusive and respectful of all people. Social media is often compared to screaming into a void, or an echo chamber of people who agree with you. I am interested in getting profiles out to everyone who should be hearing about them.


If I don’t teach people how to use social media for themselves, I’m gonna cap myself out of time quickly, aren’t I? I’ll only be able to serve as many clients as I can post and strategize for in one day. Plus, there’s no greater joy than watching a client go from timid and striving to confident and thriving!


This word sort of jumped out at me after I chose the other three, as it encompasses I think the thrust of my social media beliefs. We need to use it as the tool it is. All our use of social media as businesses should be like laying down a brick. Lay enough bricks and we build a road for our customers to walk on. Eventually the road is built, and we just have to maintain it. Then the road will carry our customers to our websites, to sales, to our press. That is why I think this word is the most important one of all!