Level one- Free

This is where you and I will meet! I will get to know you through your social media accounts- you can send me up to 5 accounts to look at (including 1 website) and I will provide you the following:

  • A bio pep up- this is to re-optimize all of your profile information including hashtags and photos.

  • Analysis of what is working and what is not in your posts.

  • Recommendations on how to get more engagement.

  • A list of hashtags to use.

  • One exercise to advance your business.

Levels (1).png

Level two- 750

You need a boost to get your new business ready- let me set it all up for you! With this package, I will provide:

  • The creation of up to 5 social media profiles across platforms.

  • A personalized one month content calendar- so you know exactly what to post based on whatever you are doing. It’s won’t be standardized or generic, I will take into account events, holidays, or deadlines that affect your business!

  • A selection of brand colours- you will know exactly how to match and coordinate your brand colours once we hash it out!

  • A Canva template where you can put your favourite quotes- using your brand colours and branded fonts!

Levels (2).png

level three- 1,500

You’ve got the ideas, you’re ready to share them, but they need a bigger home than a Facebook page can provide… it’s time to get a website! A website is supremely important for your business because, as I always say, a website is a space that you OWN. Your social media profiles are spaces that you RENT. You can get kicked off social media at any time for any reason- not so with a website. With this package, we will:

  • Outline the kind of services you need from a website and pick the best place and package for you.

  • Set up pages for all types of content you want to post.

  • Copywriting services for blog posts and web pages.

  • Prompts for what to provide for web content.

  • In-depth discussion and planning about how your website fits into your overall business strategy.

  • A training session on how you can use the website on your own and edit as you please once it is complete.

Levels (3).png

level four- 3,000

This package is a combination of levels two and three- and then more on top! In addition to everything outlined in package two and three, you will also get a three month in depth strategy plan! What does that mean?

  • A deep dive into why you do what you do, and why your audience should care.

  • An ideal client mock up where we figure out exactly WHO you want to talk to.

  • How to make the most of your social media posts.

  • How to use supportive tools to streamline your life.

  • What to post and when.

  • Layout of goals across the board.

  • Schedules for your content and goals.

  • Much, much more!

Levels (4).png

level five- 6,000

This is your ULTIMATE assistance in your business. For six months I will provide you with full on support for any of your social media or website needs- anything listed in the above packages. You will also have:

  • Unlimited support emails.

  • A weekly call to check in.

  • Data Analysis.

  • Everything you may need from the above packages.