Lauren Allen is a social media marketer from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. She now lives in Paris, France and works for companies across the globe.


Third person blurbs always sound so phony, right? But that's how I was taught to write them! I have two careers: one as a social media marketer and the other as a theatre artist. In the theatre we write all our bios in the third person to make sure we get to say our names as many times as possible!

I've been working in social media for five years, starting by launching the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles of a theatre company I was working for at the time. Little did I know that this was going to change my life!



In the past five years I have worked for many different companies and individuals. Here are just a few, so that you can check their socials and see for yourself what I did to help them!


olala party

Olala Party is a cabaret burlesque company based in Paris, France. In addition to working there as an instructor, I have also provided translation and proofreading services for their website. Click the title and take a peek!

olala logo.png


The Social element

The Social Element (formerly known as E-Moderation) is a third party social media management company. I work for them, but they connect me to some of the larger companies and brands around the world. I wish I could tell you who I have worked for there previously, but lets just say they were companies looking for assistance during the Superbowl.

Shauna Gingras

Shauna found me a few years ago on LinkedIn and we have been virtually working together ever since! Shauna is a very busy entrepreneur who runs multiple companies, so she engaged me to take the responsibility of social media off her plate. Now she can focus on making connections, running her business, and travelling while I handle online messaging and communications.



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on the boards staging company

I've been working with On the Boards and its projects for several years, and what I do is connect with artists and art enthusiasts in Saskatoon and area. I let them know all the latest news relevant to the community as well as promoting shows that OTB helps produce. Plus, a little more than a year ago, we launched The Open Storefront Project, which has been a tremendous success for us and all of our partners. You can read more about it here!